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It supports cable link, lets you use cheat codes, and allows you save games and load them whenever you choose to. John GBA emulator app is compatible with virtually all games and features a number of other exciting offerings, including on-screen controls, slow down modes, cheat codes, and game search. John GBA emulator costs $2.99 USD and has no free version. This is a multipurpose app, which contains a number of emulators, such as GBA and Color, SNES, mario kart ds emulator download PS1, NES, Sega Genesis, among others.

You can also try the John GBA lite before purchase this application. It comes with the tweaks, cheats, and so many other features. You can also use directly zipped ROM files, take screenshots, save/load states etc. using this emulator tool.

  • Action Replay uses different codes than GameShark, but is otherwise identical.
  • Locate a list of GameShark or Action Replay cheats.
  • Cheat-code support in OpenEmu is determined by each core and its underlying emulation code.
  • You can find codes in either the official manuals or by searching online resources such as GameFAQs.

John GBA is a simple and lightweight emulators which can be used on almost all the versions of Android device. The application is offered by John Emulators who has developed lots of gaming related applications. The application not available for free download, you need to purchase the John GBA from Google Play.

This emulator comes in both free and paid versions. You can download it from Play Store or you can purchase if you need the additional features. It can support almost every GBA games with supported hardware. You have to download & place the games on your Android device’s storage in order to start using them using My Boy emulator.

Visual Boy Advance, also know as VBA was first created in 2004 to play the GBA games on Computer. The new version of this software was released in 2009, named as VBA-M.

Play Your Psp Games On Your Android Device With Ppsspp

is an awesome emulator for Android which can help you to run the games of Game Boy. It has lots of amazing features and it works very fine.

This is another free emulator that can fulfill our all the requirements that we need to play GBA games. This application comes along with many features like importing the ROMs from memory card, adjustable joypad, many customizations etc. The application can be easily downloaded for free from Google Play Store. This application also saves the last session of the games. So, you will not lose your levels and stage of the games that you play using this emulator.

Choosing Your Game Boy Advance Emulator

It is the free emulator for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. It can emulate almost all the games on the Nintendo portable gaming console. VBA-M is supported with Windows OS, you just need the ROM files of GBA to run them on your PC.

Classic Boy Game Boy Advance emulator is ideal for enjoying great Game Boy games on your Android smartphone or tab. While its free version is available for free on the Play Store but with few constraints, the premium version goes for $3.99. All the emulators we have covered here are free, so there will be no hole in your pocket. It may be possible that some of these on the list are not as good as you think but to get one thing you have to sacrifice for another one. Here we have listed some of the best GBA emulators available in the market at present.