Cannabis Product Critiques – Ish O-Pen Flavored Vape Pens

Cannabis Product Critiques – Ish O-Pen Flavored Vape Pens

No one was more surprised than my buddies and I also that people liked the product, but we do. We do!

That’s because none of us are regular fans of fruit-flavored vapes, an item often well-liked by cannabis newbies instead of the OGs. Likewise, we heard a collective groan from my testers if they learned that which we were testing. We admonished the team to help keep an available head and reminded them that despite the fact that fruit flavored vapes might not be your own personal choice, lots of people they can expect from distillate like them and a lot of folks appreciate the consistency.

We state all this to let you realize that people went into testing the Ish O-Pen vapes with every notion that is preconceived prejudice possible.

With trepidation, we picked a flavor and took a puff. The ceramic heating element offered robust hits regarding the flavored cannabis distillate vapor. Wow, this is simply not bad! Unlike other vapes that are flavored have actually tried, Ish’s included tastes are not bold, perhaps not in see your face. That subtlety is a rather thing that is good exactly just what sets Ish apart from others which have reminded us of Kool help.

We attempted the test once again, without warnings, with another team consisting of seasoned regular marijuana users combined with periodic users that will just just take a winner at a social occasion. Everybody else liked the Ish Pens once again!

Ish O-Pen Vapes come in three varieties/flavors in 250 mg and 500 mg sizes:

Indica/Bavarian Cream – This one has a good light sweet vanilla flavor and supplied a soothing nighttime high that helped me rest well.

Sativa/Blue Raspberry – The fruitiest of this three, this is popular for anyone reducing their means into cannabis usage. A light balanced buzz accompanies — in a blind test we might have guessed that it is a hybrid.

Hybrid/Watermelon – Our favorite of this three, the fruit taste is light but pleasant, the high is the most perfect hybrid balance many of us are trying to find for daytime and use that is social.

Of the many flavored vape pencils We have tried to date — and I also have actually tried A WHOLE LOT over time, including a stint judging vape pencils for the tall instances Cannabis Cup — we like these the most effective. Likewise, I predict you will love Ish if you do enjoy flavored vapes.

Would I myself search for this vape that is flavored? No. weed that is fruit-flavored nevertheless maybe perhaps not my thing. But I would personally absolutely strike it if it had been being passed.

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