In the attack in Salisbury, UK, in March 2018, the former double agent Skripal and his daughter Julia were badly poisoned using an agent similar to the Novichok agent developed in the former Soviet Union.

In the attack in Salisbury, UK, in March 2018, the former double agent Skripal and his daughter Julia were badly poisoned using an agent similar to the Novichok agent developed in the former Soviet Union.

Trump came under fire in July for appearing with Putin after a summit meeting of the two presidents in Helsinki. At the time, there was indignation in the USA that Trump did not clearly stand behind his own security authorities at the press conference with Putin, which accused Russia of meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. Trump said in the CBS interview, however, that the Russians had interfered. “But I think China got involved too.” He thinks China is the “bigger problem”: “I say Russia, but I also say China.” Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were poisoned with the chemical warfare agent Novichok in Great Britain in March and only narrowly escaped death. Great Britain blames Russian agents for the poison attack. The US, Germany, France and Canada announced last month that they fully trusted the results of the British investigation.

These findings also imply that “in all likelihood this operation was approved by high government levels”. Russia denies any responsibility for the attack. Source:, ftü / dpa “” In March 2018, the former Russian double agent Skripal and his daughter Julia were seriously poisoned. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) As a consequence of the poison attack on Ex -Spy Sergej Skripal and his daughter, the EU imposed an entry ban on the two leading figures of the Russian secret service. The alleged perpetrators and five Syrians are also on the sanctions list. The foreign ministers of the EU countries have passed entry bans and property freezes against the two highest executives of the Russian military intelligence service GRU. The chief and deputy chief of the GRU were responsible for the use of neurotoxins in the attack on former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, according to a statement, and the names of those affected will soon be published in the EU Official Journal.

GRU chief intelligence officer is currently Igor Kostyukov after his predecessor Igor Korobov passed away in November. Accordingly, the two agents who allegedly carried out the attack in Salisbury, UK, are symbolically placed on the sanctions list. Great Britain has been looking for you for a long time through the international police organization Interpol. The former double agent Skripal and his daughter Julia were seriously poisoned in the attack in Salisbury, UK.

The perpetrators used a substance that corresponds to the Novichok warfare agent developed in the former Soviet Union. According to British investigations, the Russian military intelligence service GRU was behind the act. However, the government in Moscow denies any responsibility.biology essay help service In addition to Russian citizens, the EU foreign ministers also put five other Syrians and the Syrian Center for Scientific Studies and Research (SSRC) on the sanctions list.

They are also accused by the EU of being responsible for the proliferation and use of chemical weapons, with reports of dozens of chemical weapons deployments in Syria in recent years. Some have since been verified by UN-backed inspectors and attributed to the Syrian government. However, the latter denies the use and states that it has no longer had any chemical weapons since an agreement from 2013.The basis for the sanctions is a new EU regulation for restrictive measures against the use and spread of chemical weapons. It was applied for the first time with today’s resolutions by the EU foreign ministers. Source:, jug / dpa / AFP “In front of the recently opened BND headquarters you can see the flags of the EU and Germany. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) In Brexit is causing chaos for many international affairs.

However, it shouldn’t have any impact on security issues – say the intelligence chiefs from Germany, France and Great Britain. The foreign intelligence services in Germany and France want to continue to work closely with their British colleagues after a Brexit. All three services would continue to be close allies in the future when it comes to jointly protecting Europe from threats such as Islamism, terrorism, organized crime or cyber attacks, according to a meeting of the heads of the secret services on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference. The President of the Federal Intelligence Service, Bruno Kahl, announced that a successful defense against cyber attacks would only be possible with a close exchange and a joint approach.

MI6 boss Alex Younger said Britain would continue to work unconditionally on Europe’s security. The international reaction to the attack on the former Russian double agent Sergej Skripal in Great Britain had shown how important cooperation with friendly states is. In the attack in Salisbury, UK, in March 2018, the former double agent Skripal and his daughter Julia were badly poisoned using an agent similar to the Novichok agent developed in the former Soviet Union. According to British investigations, the Russian military intelligence service GRU was behind the act.

The government in Moscow, however, denies any responsibility. Source:, lkl / dpa “” Tommy Hilfiger wants to remain present in good locations, but no longer with large flagship stores. (Photo: imago / Manfred Segerer) The fashionable comeback of 90s also spurred sales of Tommy Hilfiger. In future, the eye-catching logo will not only appear on jeans or down jackets, but also on tennis skirts and golf vests. The fashion group Tommy Hilfiger wants to expand into the sportswear market. The market is on the upswing, the demand is high, said Daniel Grieder, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. “Our Tommy brand has something sporty about it, our colors red-white-blue stand for that, and people are waiting for something new,” says Grieder. Grieder sees opportunities especially in golf or tennis; these sports would suit the brand. The market is currently dominated by large, broad-based sporting goods companies such as Adidas and Nike.

They, in turn, have long been in the field of casual clothing. “Competition stimulates business,” says Grieder. Hilfiger will “of course never be bigger than Adidas and Nike”. The sports sector could, however, provide interesting impulses, for example with materials and cuts. On the plane you often see people wearing Nike or Adidas “simply because it’s comfortable”. Hilfiger could also learn from this. Grieder also announced that the branches will be scrutinized: “We no longer believe in the flagship stores, which are 2,000 square meters in size.

That is over and no longer up-to-date. “Customers come into these shops and are disoriented. Thanks to digitalization, one can now show a lot more in a smaller space. Instead of selection on site, there are sample parts,” we can’t do all down jackets in all colors and hang up sizes in the shop. “Hilfiger does not want to say goodbye to the shops in good locations, but they should be significantly smaller.” 300 square meters is enough today. Customers want to experience something and be surprised, “said Grieder. Hilfiger had already closed the flagship store in New York.

The company, which has had its headquarters in Amsterdam since 2006, makes a total of more than four billion dollars in sales a year. Source:, ino / rts “The Runners Point branches are closing. (Photo: dpa) A brand name is disappearing : The Runners Point branches will be closed, announced the Foot Locker group. This will affect 81 locations in German-speaking countries and almost 900 employees. The Foot Locker retail group is closing its Runners Point running shoe chain and taking the brand off the market. “All branches will be closed” A spokesman for the US company said at the request of the German Press Agency. This also applies to the branches in Austria and Switzerland. According to the annual report, there were 81 branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the beginning of February.

On the Internet, Runners Point currently lists 73 branches in Germany, mainly in the old federal states and in Berlin. The head office of the chain store is in Recklinghausen with 170 employees. Lawyer Jürgen Graser, who represents two Runners Point works councils in Recklinghausen, estimates the number of employees affected in the branches at around 700. “As far as the stores are concerned, we are counting on the fact that activities will cease as soon as possible,” said er.Foot Locker did not give any exact reasons for the plans, but spoke of a previous “assessment of our business activities and the competitive landscape in Germany over the past twelve months”. The Foot Locker and Sidestep brands will continue to be there for customers in the future. The employees were informed on Friday, the spokesman continued. “Now the dialogue with the social partners is about to balance interests.” Initially, the branches should all remain open until an agreement has been reached.

According to Graser, the branches of the Foot-Locker subsidiary Sidestep will in future be managed from the Foot-Locker European headquarters in the Netherlands. Clothing and shoes are sold in sidestep shops. According to the Foot Locker annual report, there are 77 sidestep stores in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Source:, mli / dpa “The future ECB boss Lagarde is also involved in the Tapie affair. (Photo : REUTERS) Did the French entrepreneur Bernard Tapie try to illegally influence the outcome of an arbitration proceedings in 2008? The Paris criminal court found no evidence and acquitted the ex-Adidas owner. In the so-called Adidas affair, the French businessman Bernard Tapie is acquitted after years of litigation, and the Paris Criminal Court ruled that there was no evidence of fraud or evasion of public funds.

The prosecutor had asked for Tapie to be imprisoned for five years. The 76-year-old’s lawyer spoke of a “tremendous satisfaction” from his client. The court ruled that Tapie had no influence on the 2008 judgment of a private arbitration court. The court had awarded the businessman a good 400 million euros in damages from the state because a then state bank had taken advantage of him in the sale of the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas in 1993, in which the designated President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, also plays a role.

In 2016, she was found guilty of aiding and abetting embezzlement of state funds, since she appealed to the private arbitration tribunal as French Minister of Economic Affairs and did not appeal after the verdict in favor of Tapies. However, Lagarde went unpunished and the court has now acquitted the then Chief of Staff Lagardes, Stephane Richard, of any misconduct in the Adidas affair. The verdict was an “immense relief,” Richard told reporters in the court.

Richard is now head of the French telecom group Orange. Some of his closest associates were in tears after the verdict. Richard had been accused of complicity in connection with a payment to Tapie of 285 million euros from the treasury. In France, the Adidas affair caused great outrage: the suspicion was that Lagarde was acting on behalf of the conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy that Tapie supported before his 2007 election victory. Sarkozy has always denied influencing the businessman. Source:, jog / aeh / AFP / rts “In no other league do so many spectators go to the stadium as in the Bundesliga. But most of the money comes from another area. (Photo: imago / Michael Weber) The German upper house of football sets one turnover record after the other.

In the past season, the 18 first division clubs together broke through the next billion level. One business area is particularly lucrative and provides the bear share of the revenue: According to a newspaper report, the Bundesliga has broken the mark of four billion euros in sales. The 18 clubs received a total of 4.02 billion euros in the 2018/2019 season, reports the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, referring to the economic report of the German Football League.

This is a record for the 15th time in a row and an increase of 5.4 percent compared to the previous season. At just under 1.5 billion euros, income from media marketing makes up almost 37 percent of the total, while income from others fell Areas easily. The revenue from tickets and business in the stadiums amounted to 520 million euros, advertising earned 845 million euros and sales of fan merchandise 176 million euros. With almost 43,000 tickets sold per game, the Bundesliga has the most spectators worldwide.

14 of the 18 clubs posted positive results after tax. Expenditures rose slightly to 3.9 billion euros, of which the personnel costs for players and coaches were the largest share at more than 1.4 billion euros. They rose by 8.6 percent.

Liabilities fell by five percent to 1.5 billion euros, DFL managing director Christian Seifert said that German professional football had developed into a sustainable industry. He called on the clubs to improve their performance in order to increase the attractiveness of the Bundesliga, especially abroad. “In the future it will increasingly be a question of what you can do with the financial possibilities,” said Seifert. The second Bundesliga also grew. It recorded a turnover of 782 million euros and thus a strong increase of 28.5 percent. Source:, hul / dpa “Like its contractual partner Borussia Dortmund, Puma is on the upswing. (Photo: imago images / MIS) With one Strong final spurt, Puma ends the best year in its history and thus underpins its status as number three in the global sporting goods market. Business is particularly flourishing in Asia, where the coronavirus is currently rampant.

That clouds the future prospects. Thanks to a strong final quarter in the past year, the sporting goods manufacturer Puma increased its profits disproportionately to sales and both increased by a double-digit percentage. Sales grew – adjusted for exchange rate effects – by 17 percent to 5.5 billion euros, Puma had only expected an increase of 15 percent.

At 440 million euros, the operating result (EBIT) was above the forecast, which had recently been raised to 420 to 430 million, and thus more than 30 percent above the previous year.