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  • However, if you want to build something that will lead to a more sustainable online income then you should check out my top rated platform instead.
  • Launched in 1998, this second-hand selling platform now has over 500 categories to list your items under, be it household goods, children’s toys or clothing and footwear.
  • Originally a social network, Depop is a fun, interactive second-hand shopping experience that replicates a lot of what we like about online shopping.
  • I then posted the jogging bottoms back to the seller the following day and as requested and uploaded proof of the postage.
  • In the time I’ve had it I’ve purchased 11 things, traded with one girl, and sold a few of my older/poorer fitting clothes.

However, it does impose a buyer protection fee on items that are bought through the site – and that is soaked up by the buyer. The platform is not only used by people selling used clothing but new items too and plugging in the right search criteria could go some way into helping you land a bargain. Most apps are going to come with a small built-in fee once your items sell. Figure out which app makes selling hassle-free, like free shipping labels or Pro Sellers. If you’re looking for an entirely free service, check out Letgo. They won’t charge you for selling through them.

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The marketplace provides you great discounts, easy shipping, returns, and exchanges. You can even check numerous vinted clothing reviews to check the authenticity of this website. Never had an issue and sold and bought lots of items! They’ve just added a Home section which I’m so excited by. Really saddened by some of the reviews on here that do not reflect Vinted at all.

Consignment is a multibillion-dollar industry where everyone wins. The same search pattern can apply to any other types of consignment stores . This will allow you to see what else is available near you. To support our editorial team’s mission, we may receive compensation from the products or services mentioned. Video ads are not only irritating, they actually waste your time.

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It works for all the big networks like Three, Vodafone, and EE, as well as some smaller networks so check their site before downloading. Keep in mind though that this can take a few minutes, and sometimes a bit longer if a lot of people are moving their info at the same time. However, if your goal is to make some pocket cash, then you should definitely sell used clothes for cash on Vinted. You don’t really have anything to lose by Vinted APK using the site. It is peer to peer so Vinted really encourages you to solve problems with the seller , submitting a claim is a bit extra . It has really bad reviews online which I didn’t know before I used the app.