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Once you have your YouTube profile enabled for live streaming and your encoding software ready to go, it’s time to customize what your viewers will see. You can see Google’s full list of verified encoders for YouTube Live here. The benefit of using a verified live app is that they’re already paired with YouTube live. So you can log in with your Google account and the encoder will be setup and ready to go without you doing anything. To live stream on YouTube desktop or mobile you will need additional encoding software.

This could be through the YouTube search bar, browse features, suggested videos in the sidebar, curated playlists, etc. You’ll also be able to know what external source they came from . These analytics tell you that your audience is on other social media platforms separate from YouTube. It would be wise to take note of where they’re coming from and advertise there, too. Just like before, you can change the category or timespan at any time to view a different set of analytics.

Youtube Creator Studio Updates Provide New Impression Metrics

YouTube creators want to get paid and, after dealing with demonetization problems for close to two years, YouTube is finally coming up with alternative payment methods. notify YouTubeby ticking the “video contains paid promotion” box in the advanced settings tab of your video manager. You’ll get payments once your balance reaches $100, so if you have a small channel, you might get paid only every few months. You may want to set aside some of that cash for taxes because Google, which issues AdSense payments, might not deduct your full tax obligation.

The ability to comment and “feed the animal” is what most people look for when actually making a YouTube post. I was curious to see what would happen YouTube Studio if I paid to have views directed to a video. There’s absolutely no way of quantifying whether you actually have received the full number you’ve paid for but there’s no doubt that I saw a definite spike in the numbers of views. Subscribers turn up but they don’t have avatars and that tends to reduce their credibility.

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Time must be spent looking for equipment from a number of sources, like hardware stores, photo store and online retailers. Still, there is a distinct advantage to having your own YouTube studio setup. It will bring a level of professionalism and sophistication to what you shoot. As soon as visitors land on your channel, you want to give them a picture of the type of content your channel covers and why they’ll want to subscribe and check out your videos.

  • I’d rent a few different body/lens combinations first to test out before committing.
  • In this post, I’ll share some of the best strategies I’ve learned and explain how to make money on YouTube.
  • Repeated views from the same user over a short period of time typically don’t count.
  • Additionally, it features data for visibility, monetization, restrictions, views, number of comments, performance, and publish date.