Pro Sports Better Adam Meyer’s Lawyer Claims Former Client is National Informant

Pro Sports Better Adam Meyer’s Lawyer Claims Former Client is National Informant

Adam Meyer is waiting to stand trial on numerous costs in a Wisconsin court that is federal the former high-stakes sports betting handicapper at first claiming through their attorney that he was a government informant.

Adam Meyer proclaimed for years he was ‘the recreations consultant to the stars,’ the Florida-based recreations handicapper routinely appearing on tv to flaunt his insider knowledge and results that are unrivaled.

His Real Money Sports website described Meyer as ‘the star that is biggest in Vegas’ whoever ‘client list reads like the front page of Variety.’

‘If there’s a result, Adam will show you the way to turn it into an earnings,’ their bio read.

Unfortunately for many who took Meyer up on his services, the outcome changed into money just for Meyer himself.

In December of 2014, a Wisconsin grand jury indicted Meyer on six charges including cable fraudulence, racketeering, and extortion relating to a wealthy Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, man who claimed to have been taken for $25 million.

Meyer’s Tainted Past

At the height of Meyer’s operation, he was reportedly charging well over $250,000 for the package of betting guidelines and recommendations of games where in actuality the fix was in. Meyer’s products would advise customers on just how to wager and which teams to pick.

He stated to employ research staff 130 strong and asserted his guidelines was included with a 60 per cent winnings percentage.

‘Meyer promoted his tout service through his website, by marketing, by appearing on television and radio programs, and by cold-calling customers that are potential customer listings he obtained from other tout services,’ the usa Eastern District of Wisconsin Court stated in its indictment.

Gary Sadoff, owner of Badger Liquor in Wisconsin, their state’s largest wholesaler of alcoholic beverages, said Meyer began threatening him when he paid down their recreations betting.

Meyer allegedly created an alter ego known as Kent Wong who was a bookie after Meyer and Sadoff.

When Sadoff finally cut off all ties, Meyer and a co-employee showed up in Wisconsin and furnished a firearm, Sadoff shelling out $9.8 million to help keep Meyer away.

Sports Betting’s Donnie Brasco?

Following the state of Wisconsin indicted Meyer, their attorney at enough time advertised he ended up being working as an undercover informant for authorities. Utilizing the ‘public authority defense’ in which a defendant claims his actions that are criminal the consequence of police direction, Meyer’s previous attorney Joel Hirschhorn said his client’s cooperation with appropriate investigators began back 2001.

‘Faced with a possible indictment … Meyer began a 13-year odyssey as being a documented and valuable informant for federal and state law enforcement,’ Hirschhorn said in March.

Hirschhorn also claims within the documents released this week that Meyer’s work aided seize $750 million from offshore books and led to the arrest of 30 individuals.

Meyer’s $1 million bail ended up being revoked in April following repeated drug test failures in a rehabilitation facility in their hometown in Florida. Because bail ended up being revoked, Meyer was extradited to Wisconsin where he’s becoming held in the Dodge County Detention center.

For reasons unspecified, Hirschhorn isn’t any longer doing work for Meyer. The case is slated to begin in February, and it stays to be seen whether Meyer will continue with his claims that his undercover work ended up being so secretive federal prosecutors didn’t connect to such knowledge, or he’ll enter another plea.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch Indicts 16 More FIFA Officials

The investigation into FIFA corruption expanded this week after US Attorney General Loretta Lynch filed charges against 16 officials that are additional. (Image: Don Emmert/Getty)

Usa Attorney General Loretta Lynch is into the midst of disrupting possibly one of the largest criminal syndicates in recent history as she leads the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation into FIFA, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

On Thursday, Lynch unsealed a 92-count indictment against 16 defendants linked to the continued FIFA corruption case.

That brings the number that is total of to 30 since the DOJ swarmed FIFA last May.

This week’s accused stem from CONCACAF, FIFA’s North and Central America supply, and CONMEBOL, the South America unit. The defendants are being charged with racketeering, wire fraud, and cash laundering conspiracies.

‘The Department of Justice is committed to ending the rampant corruption we have actually alleged amidst the leadership of international soccer, not just because for the scale of the schemes, or the brazenness and breadth of the operation needed to sustain such corruption, but in addition because of the affront to international maxims that this behavior represents,’ Lynch said. ‘The betrayal of trust set forth here is outrageous.’

$200 Million Exchanged

Lynch maintains that leaders among FIFA besought bribes in exchange for various liberties including the hosting regarding the World Cup and qualifiers for soccer’s marquee tournament held every four years.

According to DOJ estimations, $200 million was solicited over the past 24 years.

The prosecution indicts both CONCACAF and CONMEBOL presidents that are sitting with several members who co-serve on FIFA’s executive committee.

Additionally within the indictment was Jeffrey Webb’s guilty plea, the former FIFA vice president and CONCACAF president admitting to racketeering, conspiracy, three counts of wire fraud, and three counts of cash laundering. Webb has decided to forfeit $6.7 million.

‘We are determined to put an end to bribery and corruption in international soccer also to make space for a new era of integrity and reform,’ US Attorney Robert Capers associated with Eastern District of the latest York said. ‘ This indictment is the newest action in that effort, but our work is not done.’

Future of FIFA

The costs brought by the DOJ came at an opportune time as FIFA is currently put together in Switzerland for 2 times of meetings in Zurich. The most crucial product of conversation is overhauling the corporation through extensive reforms.

As Lynch’s office brought new costs against FIFA associates, soccer’s governing body voted unanimously to implement a string of proposals to refurbish the organization.

A part of the changes is a four-year term limit for the presidency, outgoing President Sepp Blatter has been holding the reigns since 1998.

Additional reforms embrace a separation between political and management committees, diversity, separate members, integrity checks, plus an overall greater transparency.

‘These reforms are moving FIFA towards improved governance, greater transparency and more accountability,’ the FIFA Executive Committee stated in a pr release. ‘They mark a milestone on our course towards restoring FIFA’s credibility as a modern, trusted and sports that are professional.’

Restoring credibility will be a long and road that is difficult FIFA with Lynch in control of the DOJ. She shows no signs of slowing her thorough research into the handling of the planet’s most popular sport.

‘The Department of Justice is committed to ending the rampant corruption we have actually described amidst the leadership of international soccer,’ Lynch affirmed.

Mohegan Sun Blackjack Dealer Accused of Chip-Passing Scam

A Mohegan Sun blackjack dealer allegedly attempted to reunite at their employers by going in cahoots with a player. Both have now been accused of conspiring to rob the casino. (Image:

A disgruntled Mohegan Sun blackjack dealer stands accused of moving $78,390 in chips up to a player-accomplice.

It’s alleged that Roy Mariano, 52, of the latest London, Connecticut, passed blackjack chips worth $100 each that had been hidden in stacks of lower denomination red chips to Marlene Rivera of Southbridge, Massachusetts during 16 blackjack that is different in August with this 12 months. Both have been charged with first-degree larceny.

Mariano admitted to police that he possessed a grudge against his companies. The dealer, who had worked at the casino because it first launched in 1996, ended up being upset that management had paid off his role from full-time to part-time. He is handicapped and needed the cash, he said, as recorded in court documents.

Conflicting Accounts

Mariano claims him she could help him out with money that he was approached in May or June by Rivera, who had told. He began giving her extra chips each time he paid her winnings, and she would hand him his cut as he stepped from the table towards the break space. He claimed he couldn’t remember how much cash he had received from Rivera.

Inspite of the apparent confession, the dealer’s lawyer joined a plea of not guilty to the charge of first-degree larceny for his client, which comes by having a maximum phrase of two decades in prison.

Rivera, 36, a mom of seven, tells a different tale.

She stated that Mariano approached her boyfriend, and that the two had concocted the scheme together. The boyfriend played several times, she claims, in which he and Mariano allegedly split the winnings 50-50. When she later started playing too, Mariano also gave her half the winnings, the woman added.

Police said they suspected that Rivera, who’s got yet to enter a plea, was being deceptive during her interview.

Facebook Gloating

Rivera’s Facebook page records a few winning visits to a casino that is unnamed August, followed by a vacation to vegas in September. The August media that are social include messages like:

‘Great at cino night’

‘Casino evening again$$$’

‘Whacha think Joe… a car or truck? Lol monneeyyy…cha-ching!!’

Even though the scheme eluded supervisors on duty, it was fundamentally picked up by the eye-in-the-sky. The Mohegan Tribal Police began surveillance that is examining on September 1st at the request of Tribal Gaming Commissioner Robert Bjork.

Also hiding $100 chips in stacks of five-dollar ones, additionally showed Mariano hiding one $100 chip beneath a card utilized to cut the deck before passing it to Rivera.